Keep your business on track with timely and accurate data.  

Are your systems disconnected? Are you tired of exporting data from your CRM, Accounting, Payroll, and other business systems just to get one report? Do manual, repetitive processes consume your team’s valuable time on a daily basis?

Measure What Matters

In this fast-paced business world, it is more important than ever to know how your business is performing. With custom reporting and dashboards, the talented data team at Devfinity can help you process, clean, and make sense of your data to provide real-time visibility into your business.

No more waiting until your accounting team closes the books at the end of each month; you can make informed business decisions with up-to-date data, at any time.

Tired of Living in Excel Hell?

We see businesses time and time again spend precious manpower pulling data from systems, combining spreadsheet after spreadsheet, praying their formulas don’t break, and relying on their team not to fat-finger anything. Our data team can automate your reporting process and build beautiful dashboards so you and your team can spend less time in Excel, and more time executing your business goals.


Fully automate
your reporting

Make data-driven
business decisions

Centralize your

Receive consistent,
high-quality data

Gain insight into
historical data

Our Process

Understand your business
Understand your business

We want to understand why you collect the data you do, what purpose it serves, and how your business uses it.

Pull your data
Pull your data

We connect to your business systems
and pull your critical data.

Apply your business rules
Apply your business rules

During the data extraction process, we apply your organization’s custom rules and model your data to fit your business.

Visualize your data
Visualize your data

This is where the magic happens. Your data visualized in awesome dashboards to keep you and your team aligned.

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