BizVue is an all-in-one business process management system. We combine capable yet easy-to-use project management software with detailed and intuitive time and expense tracking tools, but what really sets us apart is the ability to share your projects directly with clients, providing an unrivaled level of transparency and collaboration between your firm and your clients.


Industry: Software, SAAS (Software as a Service)
Project Type: Software Development and Mobile App 

User Experience

  • Suite of project management tools, including sharable Kanban boards and task lists, and even personal to-to lists.
  • Promotes transparency by allowing businesses to give clients their own login and share with them all the projects associated with their account.
  • Time tracking via either timers or manual entries, all organized by client accounts or internal departments and natively integrated with projects for more detailed record-keeping and reporting.
  • Expense logs organized by client accounts or internal departments, including receipt attachments.
  • Android and iOS mobile app for on-the-go time and expense entries.
  • Supervisor review feature to ensure all time and expenses are approved before billing.
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Online for invoicing.
  • User Interface

    UI/UX designed and developed in Angular framework. This layer constructs the presentation of business domain defined in API.

  • API

    The API is developed in .Net Core. API considers all areas of the Project’s business. It also serves as a bridge between the user interface and other services, such as databases and third-party services.

  • Database

    Azure SQL Server serves as the database server in this project where all the data related to BizVue is stored.

DevFinity provided a complete dedicated dev team to improve and expand on BizVue in the following areas:

User Interface Design – UI/UX Audit

  • UI/UX Design for New & Expanded Features
  • Tweaks and Continuous Improvement of Existing Feature


  • .NET Core
  • Angular Frontend

Post Deployment

  • General Support & User Training
  • Continuous improvement in all areas based on user and stakeholder feedback




  • UI/UX Audit
  • UI/UX Design
  • Website design

Airleads helps businesses identify their ideal customers and prospects, and target companies more effectively.



  • UI/UX Audit
  • UI/UX Design
  • Website design

GoSend allows businesses to send high-volume marketing emails to prospective leads thus driving traffic and user engagements.



  • UI/UX Audit
  • Website design

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